Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finally!!! Sally has her blog going!! LOL!!

I've been meaning to start my own blog but never got around to it. Tonight, however, with the kids sleeping earlier than usual and nothing good on TV, I thought, what the hell, lets get one of these things going. :)

I love to talk. I love to write even more. And what's better than having a blog to write my thoughts and the hell with who would think what about me talking about myself. LOL. 

I used to have a diary, a journal, a long, long, long time ago when there were no computers and internet was only possible on TV. I poured my heart out in those pages, sometimes the writings were clean and tidy, and sometimes I couldn't read any of them for the smudges and tear-stained, and sometimes coffee-stained on the pages. 

I found my diary that I had when I was in high school and I almost cried when I read them for the memories that I had long forgotten. How naive I was back then, when all I cared about was getting better grades and guys to date and hating my parents. But finding that diary also helped me remember things that I know would help me now prepare of things to come when my kids reach that certain age where they will think that parents are enemy #1. I am glad that my relationships with my family has turn for the better now that I have kids of my own.

Oh well, enough for this chapter. I will continue with another topic some other time. :)