Friday, May 20, 2011

The Smell Sense

Ever had the sudden dejavu feelings when you encounter a certain smell? Have you ever noticed how a certain smell triggers all kind of memories that you thought you forgotten.

Yes. The sense of smell is a powerful thing. That's why when somebody fainted we let them smell the smelling salt to wake them up. When people with amnesia, sometimes when they smell a certain smell, it can bring their memories back.

I have certain smells that will bring me right back to certain parts of my life. Some long forgotten. Some that I chose not to remember.

The smell of Follow Me shampoo, Lux soap, would bring me back to my school years. 

Mark & Spencer's Peach products would take me back to my college years.

Olay moisteriser takes me to the gym. I still have it. It brings good memories.

Freshly mowed lawn would take me to a place where only my subconscious knows.

The smell of Body Shop's Raspberry and Dewberry shower gel would definitely take me back to December of 2010.

I've changed all the products from December. I don't buy them anymore. I replaced them with different ones. But sometimes I still smell them.

Today, it rains. After so long. I normally loved the smell of rain. It's refreshing. But not today.

The smell takes me back to the not so long ago December. A place I don't want to be. It triggers all kind of memories that I've been trying to erase. It sucks. Especially when the reasons for it to suck are not effected by it.

When you're cut this deep emotionally, you'll wonder if you ever going to recover. I wish with all my heart and soul to give what I feel and faced to the person who caused it all. Let them feel it someday. Then they'll think of what they did before. Let them smell something and feel how their heart being ripped away everytime. Let them feel the numbness. Let them have the pain. Let them have a taste of what their actions can taste like.

Then they'll know. How it feels every time they take a shower. How the heart beats faster until it hurts when they wash their face. How their head spin when they brush their teeth. They might change the products but they'll have to smell them again when they least expect it.

Some people might say I am over sensitive, but being over sensitive saves me alot of times. It keeps me sane. Maybe I am over analyzing things but it beats being ignorance and having smacked in the face all the time. Precautions are better than cure, that's what I hold on to.

Not all smell put frowns on my face. Some do make me smile. It's just that lately my mind been playing with my emotions. And the fact that I miss the salty sea smell. It's been awhile.

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