Thursday, August 22, 2013

I was looking through my pics folder, looking for samples to send to client, and I found this.

This picture was taken on December 5th, 2010. I decided then to send my children to stay with my parents for I couldn't care for them at that time. I couldn't have them around me and see me going down with depression.

I found other pics too, which made me cry, remembering the pain I felt then. After almost 3 years, I thought it would hurt less, but I was wrong. I knew the hurt would go away in time, but right now, at the moment, the hurt feels so great like it just happened.

There are times when I start to think about it, I would push the memories to the back of my mind. I don't want what happened to spoil what I have now. My life is going great. I'm happy. My kids are happy.

Only people who have been through the same shit as me or worse will know how it feels to sometimes cry for no reason other than the memories come for a visit and the hurt and pain a reminder to never again take things for granted.

I really do wish the person who caused me to cry looking at this picture will someday have the same thing, or worse, happened to them.

I know the hurt won't go away, I just hope it will hurt less than it does now.

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