Thursday, April 21, 2011


Someone asked me an interesting question not so long ago. How could I go to the place where I know would bring me nothing but heartache.

My answer is simple : If I were to think about the bad things then I wouldn't go out anywhere.

There are places I know for a fact that if I entertain the negative thoughts, I'd be lost with rage. Now that I already faced a lot of things head-on, nothing can hurt me. Nothing like facing fear right smack in the face to conquer the feelings.

I always had nightmares of me drowning. To conquer the fear, I took swimming class.

I have stage-fright. Whenever I have to stand and speak in front of a roomful of people, I froze. To conquer the fear, I signed up for karaoke contest and end up won the 3rd prize.

I was terribly shy. Ever since I was young, asking directions or even placing an order at a restaurant was an ordeal. I was afraid people would laugh at me. What line of job I ended up working as : customer service.

I'm always self-conscious about my writings. I end up writing this blog.

After considering the "achievements" I'd had throughout my life, what's a few places with bad memories? I went to the biggest taboo of all the places. I didn't die from the experience. In fact, I had a great time. So "boo-hoo" the joke is on you.

I believe if you set up your mind to do something about facing your fear, nothing is impossible. All you have to do is getting at it heads-on. There might be some bumps and bruises, but you won't die from it. 

The biggest enemy one might have is oneself. The biggest demon to fight is within oneself. The hardest enemies to fight are always the ones we keep inside.

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